Website Building

Get found on Google!
Step 1: Talk with our Web Developer for a few minutes about your business and its needs.
Step 2: Choose out of forty-six website designs for your business. HERE
Step 3: Relax and let us take it from there.

You will get...

  • A Beautiful Website
  • Web Hosting Services
  • Domain Name Registration (URL)
  • Complete Deployment of Code
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Social Media Links

Your choice...

  • Choose a design from HTML5 UP that best fits your needs
  • Choose how many pages you will need on your website $84/page
  • Put together content and images for your site

Choose to include...

  • Web Traffic Tracking & Analytics +$15
  • Contact Form, protected by reCAPTCHA v3 +$15
  • Relevant Stock Images +$15
  • Logo Design +$50
  • Google Ads +$50
  • Web Store Capabilities +$100
  • Database Capabilities +$100
  • Content Management System +$110

Recent Project

aNDY's BloG

A blog site created for sharing ideas. Your posts are presented to the world in reverse chronological order.

Recent Project

Photo Gallery Website

This website displays photos in a unique horizontal scroll style (on desktop). This website is perfect for getting your photos onto the web with a super cool design layout to show off to your clients, friends, or family. View the DEMO to see this design's full features and capabilities.


The initial deployment charge depends on the choices made from the "Choose to include..." list above plus the number of pages that will be required. If your website will require frequent updates, a monthly charge may be applied in addition to the initial deployment charge. The monthly charge amount varies depending on the amount of time we spend on updates for your site, normally $2-$10. The monthly fee can be eliminated if a Content Management System is included. A Content Management System is a system we build that allows the website owner to make updates themselves, no coding required, however, some limitations may be encountered.

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