Web Applications


Custom Web Applications paired with SQL database storing and email automation allows companies to move away from field paperwork and allows for quicker communication of data to office personnel. Below are two web applications we've recently built for clients.

Recent Project

Sales Ticket Submittal

Data is automatically saved to a database and sent in an email

For this project, the client was looking to move away from paperwork in the field and start using digital technology. We came in and built an online web application that took their paper form and recreated it as a web form. The field technicians now fill out their sales ticket on a mobile device and click submit. When submitted, an email is automatically generated and immediately send to office personal as well as owners of the company and the state inspector, if present. The data is also sent to an SQL database for storage and use for easy monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting. Our solution eliminates waste of time when dealing with paper and allows for immediate communication of data. It also allows for owners of the company to receive real-time updates that otherwise, would have had to go out of their way to receive.

Time Saved by Millstream Solution: 30 minutes/job
Key Words: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SQL Database

Recent Project

Rental Tracker

Track current inventory and auto send pricing scheme

We’ve built a tracking solution which utilizes:

  • SQL database for tracking what equipment items are currently checked out - checked out items are shown on the main page
  • SQL database for recording a log of all in/out transactions - click “View History” on the main page to see log
  • Automated email alerts when an item is checked back into the shop - the office is alerted to details of the rental in order to bill correctly
  • Password protected so only those with the credentials can access the site and make submissions
This provides quick and easy tracking and communicating of equipment rented between multiple shop/field parties and the office.

Check Out Item: Simply fill in the form fields on the main page and click submit. All fields are required except the “Pricing Scheme.” Once submitted, the data will be displayed on the main page under “Items Currently Out.” Refer to this section to keep track of all rented items out.

Check-In Item: Under the “Item Currently Out” section, each item has an associated “Check Item In” button. Click this button to be taken to the check-in page. Here, simply enter the date of check-in and click the “Check-In” button. The item will be taken off the “Items Currently Out” section.

View History: To view a log of all transactions in and out, click “View History” at the top of the main page. This will take you to a page showing all past transactions. Each rental submission has a unique ID number assigned to it. You will see the same ID number when the item is checked out and checked in so we can track which entries correspond with each other on the page. Transactions are sorted chronologically.

Automated Email: An email is sent to the office when an item is checked back into the shop.

Time Saved by Millstream Solution: 20 minutes/rental
Key Words: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL