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Here at Millstream Solutions, we offer a range of services focused on ensuring our clients are using computers to their greatest potential. We specialize in computer automation scripting in which we utilize programming languages such as VBA for Excel, Python, PHP, and JavaScript to build solutions that allow your computer to work for you. There are great money-saving potentials for computer automation in today's computer dominated offices. Our solutions will save you time and eliminate the potential for human error in many cases! Not sure where your business could utilize computer automation? Write to us about it HERE and then allow us to make suggestions. Quit wasting your time and start automating!

Our Services

We build Custom Solutions tailored to our client's specific needs. We believe there are many opportunities to improve workflow through the use of computer programming to build automation solutions. Let us help you build less stress into your day and more productive time by automating tedious parts of your job. We allow clients to spend more time creating real value for their companies. We bring the power of automation to your fingertips. If you are looking for a website we can do that too! Below are six categories we operate in.

Website Building

Get found on Google!
Step 1: Talk with our Web Developer for a few minutes about your business and its needs.
Step 2: Choose out of forty-six website designs for your business.
Step 3: Relax and let us take it from there.

Spreadsheet Automation

If you find yourself spending multiple hours at a time on repetitive tasks in Microsoft Excel, chances are these tasks can be automated by implementing VBA programming into your Excel document.

Web Applications

Custom Web Applications paired with SQL database storing and email automation allows companies to move away from field paperwork and allows for quicker communication of data to office personnel.

Web Scraping

Turn hours of copy-paste website data into one simple click. We develop custom web scraping scripts for businesses or individuals to instantly pull data from websites and get straight to analysis.

Automating with Python

Save time by automating common computer tasks using Python programming scripts developed for your specific needs.

Machine Learning

We are currently exploring ways to use Python's Scikit Learn library to bring Machine Learning insights to multidimensional data through Clustering and Regression.

Recent Project

Google Earth - Excel Sync - Automating with Python

Store your map coordinates and data in Excel for easy viewing and editing and allow Python to convert the coordinates and data to a KML file for Google Earth with the click of a button.

Client Need

Our client was looking for a quick and easy way to view oil & gas well details and notes in tabular format in an Excel spreadsheet as well as on a map in Google Earth without entering data twice and dealing with potential inconsistencies between the two data sets.

Millstream Solution

We wrote a Python script and used some VBA code to sync an Excel Spreadsheet with a Google Earth map. Now the user can enter data about a well in Excel and with the click of a button view the new data on the map too.


Oil & gas well name, description, coordinate locations, and other data stored in an Excel file are converted to CSV format using VBA, then it is pulled into Python and converted into a KML mapping file. This is initiated when the Excel file is saved by the user. Google Earth can either be set up to refresh automatically on a given time interval or manually refreshed by the user.


Recent Project

Photo Gallery Website

This website displays photos in a unique horizontal scroll style (on desktop). This website is perfect for getting your photos onto the web with a super cool design layout to show off to your clients, friends, or family. View the DEMO to see this design's full features and capabilities.